A deep Value stock

November 6, 2007

Prof bakshi had posted a quiz to his students. You can find the answer to his question in the comments section. I have posted on the same company earlier.

In addition you may find my response in the comments section too. There are several other answers from others in the comments section such as VST, wyeth, divyashakti granite etc. Some of the ideas sound pretty interesting and I would be looking at them closely.

My suggestion – if you are interested in value investing, read prof bakshi’s posts ,articles and interviews. There is a lot you can learn from him.

As an aside – i am reading a book : seeking wisdom – from darwin to munger. This book has been recommended by charlie munger himself. I dont remember the exact comment, but it seems he liked the book so much he bought a copy of this book for all his friends and relatives. He also said that if there are more books like this, he could bankrupt gifting them. I am not sure of the authenticity of the comment. But after reading 60 odd pages, i can tell you that this is a great book, especially if you are looking at developing a latticework of mental models. For those you who may not know charlie munger, he is the vice chairman of berkshire hathaway and a long term partner of warren buffett.


One Response to “A deep Value stock”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i am not sure if it was this book but i know he said that about robert cialdini’s ‘influence’

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